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We’ve heard it time and again – “Kill Your Darlings!” It sounds like such a psychotic phrase. Kill my darlings? As in my babies? These sweet little things I’d give my life for? No, no, NO! Not your human darlings. Sheesh. So what darlings are we talking about? Your writing darlings. (Which can sometimes feel like our human babies, I know, but they’re not really. Human, I mean. You know that, right?) I’ve discovered over the years that this phrase has several different meanings. Killing the Darlings Everyone LovesI think the first time I ever heard “Kill Your Darlings” was … Continue reading

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Cassandra Marshall, freelance editor and literary agent intern, is offering a FREE edit of an ENTIRE manuscript for one lucky winner. Do you have any idea the value in this??? Whether you think you’re ready to start querying but just aren’t sure or you have been querying with less than satisfactory results or, like me, you’re indie and can appreciate a professional edit…this offer is incredible!!! I really, really want to win…but if you do, instead, it’s a win for me, too. 🙂 So go enter! Now!!! http://www.camarshall.com/2010/09/freelance-editor-ca-marshalls-free-edit.html

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Let me start off by saying that when I started this blog (actually, many moons before, fighting the idea with claws and fangs out), I had two fears: 1) I had nothing interesting to say and would bore the tears out of my readers; and 2) not enough time. The good news is I’ve created this great list of blog topics that continues to grow every day and each idea sounds more exciting than the others, all vying for my attention. Of course, they’re fighting PURPOSE, its sequel, my day job and that herd of monsters for that attention. Which … Continue reading

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