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I made it home from a fun but exhausting road trip last week and the first thing I did after stepping off the airplane? We went to Apple and bought MacBook Pros. We’d hoped to do this before I left so I wouldn’t have had so many problems while I was gone (and neither would my biz partner, who was left to run the companies with failing computers), but patience became a virtue. They say that happens. So although we had our computers picked out weeks ago, by waiting, we were able to get a better deal. This weekend, I … Continue reading

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Me, working on deadline. …and if I don’t make deadline… Me next week, after making deadline, because I totally refuse to miss it! In case it’s not obvious, I’m working on a deadline this week. If I don’t get my first draft in by the end of this coming weekend, I have some very nasty ramifications. Seriously nasty. Since I really don’t want to face them – and don’t have the time to do them – I’ll be totally focused on writing this week…and not on blog writing. So play among yourselves. Have fun. Stay out of trouble. And get … Continue reading

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