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There have been all kinds of survey results circulating recently about how indie/self-published authors are “really” faring in comparison to their traditionally published counterparts. Mainstream media reports that self-publishing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – the majority of indie authors earn less than $1,000 or $500 a year (depending on the source survey). The funny thing is that no authors in the many groups I’m a part of – including big names and not-so-well-known ones – were ever a part of these surveys. The most common question has been, “Who did they ask????” You see, we’re doing a … Continue reading

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Holy schmoly, has it really been two months since I’ve posted here?! What a slacker I am! LOL Yeah, right. I assume most of you follow me on my main author’s blog (www.KristieCook.com) so you know what I’ve been up to – blog tours, Genesis release, holidays, pulling Devotion together for its upcoming release… Yeah, not much slacking going on here. I really haven’t had much to say in regards to writing, but I thought it was time to at least drop in and say “Hi!” and let you know that I’m still here. I’m in the midst of editing … Continue reading

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So Monday I wrote about what it takes to put a book together – as in a physical book, with cover, pages with words, etc. One person commented. I know it’s not exciting stuff and it can be overwhelming. I also know most of you don’t find it relevant at all, but, honestly, you should. If you’re a writer, you might be thinking that your publisher will do all this for you. If you have a good understanding of what it takes to produce a book, though, you can see why the publisher wants a fair share of your pie. … Continue reading

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