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I have some exciting news! And we can use your help! This is your chance to see your name in print, show off your love for food and cooking and support a good cause. PLUS, we have giveaways going on! Food has always been near and dear to the characters in the Soul Savers Series. From Alexis and Tristan cooking together on their early dates to Owen’s cheesy eggs and Blossom’s fabulous cakes, food has been a recurring theme. In fact, my publisher and I have often discussed how fun it would be to create a Soul Savers cookbook. Well, … Continue reading

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I love to cook, but I’m not much of a baker. I make birthday cakes throughout the year, but that’s pretty much it. And those start with a box mix. BUT, Christmas time is a different story. It’s the one time of year I love to bake. Which is good, because I make so many scrumptious cookies and treats, we’d all be 20 pounds heavier if I did this more often. I have some old standbys that I make every year, many of which my late sister-in-law, who passed at the young age of 34, used to make for the … Continue reading

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Just checking in to let you all know that I am still alive. I know I’ve been MIA on the blog here, but after the whirlwind of Purpose‘s release party, I’ve just been taking a little breather. In other words, recovering from the hangover – a virtual one, but still… That and catching up on some much needed personal tasks. Because there’s this big holiday this weekend, in case you weren’t aware, and except for a little decorating, I hadn’t done anything. But now gifts are bought (though not all wrapped), the long distance ones have been sent and cookies … Continue reading

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