Opening the Floor to You

For nearly two years I’ve been rambling here about all kinds of interesting and not-so-interesting things, so I think it’s your turn to take the floor. What do you want to know? Have questions about my books? My writing habits? My terribly intriguing life? Want to know more about Genesis or the Soul Savers Series? Have something to ask Alexis, Tristan or any other characters?

Now’s the time to ask! Get as serious or as silly as you want. You can even get personal – although no promises I’ll actually answer those, truthfully anyway. Ask in the comments and I’ll answer next Thursday.

To add a little incentive: Using, I’ll select at least one questioner to win an ebook of Genesis as soon as it’s available. Depending on the number of questions, there might even be more than one winner! So…

Ready? Set. Go!

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11 Responses to Opening the Floor to You

  1. hartreader says:

    What part of the books did you struggle writing, emotionally, not knowing what to do with the characters, or even the struggle of your heart and mind?

  2. Crap! I don’t work well under pressure.
    What will you do when you hit four hundred followers? (Because you are really close.)

  3. Trizzan says:

    Hmmm question let me see lol. How about besides writing what else do you like to do???

  4. Sarah Erhart says:

    How do you balance a life of writing and having a family (I don’t know how you do it, but I’m amazed by your work!)? Have you written any “little” stories which have never been published (i.e., children’s stories, short YA stories, etc…)? Sorry, I know that’s two questions, but I had to ask… Blessings! Sarah

  5. A personal question 🙂 What do you do to unwind when you are blocked, too stressed etc?
    Just a curious person here LOL
    -Dawn aka dawnmomoffour

  6. Heather says:

    How fun! What do you have planned for us after the Soul Saver series?

  7. Jackie says:

    Do you only write paranormal stories or do you write other genres?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Are any of the characters personality traits based on friends or family?

  9. Amanda says:

    What would you have done with all the years between having lost your love and finding him again?

  10. Katrina W says:

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  11. Katrina W says:

    Question for Tristan, how did you cope being away from your soul mate for all those years, and knowing that your child was born, what kept you going ? I found this quiet emotional for ALexis !! Her feelings so raw, it was like being torchered for her, and when you first saw her when you escaped… what was your first thought ?


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