Meet Michelle Gregory

Like Eisley, Michelle Gregory is another angel in our midst, and, like Karly, she is also an indie author. Michelle has been a great help to me in preparing for Purpose‘s release…while also preparing for her own re-release of her first book Eldala and finalizing her second book, Black Heart, coming soon (very soon, I hope!).

I’ve had the pleasure of reading Eldala and was swept away. Michelle is an excellent story teller, with beautiful descriptions and fabulous characters. Eldala takes place in another world that is similar to our medieval times on earth. Michelle captures the imagery, immersing you into this strange but believable place. I fell in love with the characters and was disappointed when the book ended because I wanted more. I recommend Eldala, especially if you’re a fan of historical fantasy.

Besides writing, Michelle homeschools her three children and runs a blog, beautiful chaos, and a website. You can also find her on Facebook at and!/pages/Michelle-D-Gregory/240386576394

*For the Purpose Virtual Release Party, I’m paying it forward by highlighting books and their authors, blogs and their writers, and charities and causes. For a list of those I’ve featured, stay tuned to the party’s page.

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2 Responses to Meet Michelle Gregory

  1. thank you, dear. it’s always strange to see my own name come up on my facebook home page.

  2. Hi Kristie! It Mindy J from facebook! Getting ready to go to my sons Winter program (daughter tomorrow night)! Had to stop in and say HI!!
    PURPOSE is on my list of “to buy” for myself for Christmas!

    Happy Virtual Purpose Release Party! *throwing confettie & blowing horns*

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