Have you missed me this week, lovely followers? I apologize for being absent, but I suppose it’s better than being boring. LOL Not that life has been boring. Not. At. All. So here’s the deal…

This week:

  • Craziness in the day job. It’s GOOD craziness, but it’s meant lots of focus there and break-up in the routine.
  • What little time left over has been used wrapping up Purpose edits so I can get ARCs ordered by next week, which means next step is formatting and finalizing the cover.
  • Add on top of that – a call yesterday afternoon from son #2’s football coach…from the ER…son broke his arm in practice. 🙁 Everything drops to take care of him.
  • And to really top it off – my grandmother has been in the hospital for a week and it’s not looking good. She’s being going through chemo and has complications. She’s fought various forms of cancer for over a decade, but my heart and soul are sad because I fear that she’s tiring of the battle.

I ask for your prayers, thoughts, good vibes, etc., for my son, my grandmother and my own sanity. Thank you in advance!!

Now onto the fun stuff… I had hoped to post this today, but focus has been fleeting with everything going on. So the official post will go up tomorrow.

TWO Major Contests!!!

What’s up for grabs? Let’s see…books…swag…maybe an iPod Shuffle…maybe even a Kindle 3 or a Nook. A K3?!? A Nook?!? Yep, that’s right. So stay tuned, pay attention and come back tomorrow to get the deets on how you can be a winner. (Hint: For an eReader, you’ll need to put a little thought and creativity into it, but I “Promise” it will be fun!)