Karma (and Other Good Stuff From RT)

This post should have gone up a long time ago, as in when I first returned from RT a few weeks ago, but there’s been so much going on. For one, I was waaaaaay behind deadline for finishing the first draft of Book 4. I’ve been completely focused on getting that done since I’ve been home, at the detriment to everything else (just ask my family). But I’m done now. Book 4 is written. Woohoo!

For two, my boxes that I had to ship home from Chicago went on a little extra excursion because of a misunderstanding between my mailbox center and FedEx Ground. And inside one of those boxes was this:

What is that? That’s a big card of autographs I collected at the big RT Book Fair. But I’m not just sharing it to brag (yes, I did meet and chat with every one of those authors PLUS others which was way cool). I have a story to tell (after all, I’m a writer) and it begins several months ago.

Back in December, I’d decided to kick-off Devotion’s release with a review tour, rather than a full-blown blog tour with interviews and guest posts, which would come later. Dozens of awesome blogs participated, some of them new to the Soul Savers Series. They became avid fans and cheerleaders and I love them all to death. To show my appreciation for all they did for me and other authors, I entered the bloggers into a drawing for a Kindle Fire. The fabulous Michele Luker of Insane About Books and Page Turners won!

Me with Michele Luker!

Now fast-forward to Saturday, April 14, basically the last day of RT. The day of the big Book Fair that’s open to the public. People were lining up as early as 6 a.m. for the doors to open at 11. As I’m walking down the huge line, guess who I find? Michele Luker! There was a bit of squeeing and hugs and pictures. She had me sign her Kindle Fire case. It was a pretty awesome author moment.

I had already signed at the Expo on Thursday, so at the Book Fair, I pretty much just got to be a fan. I met some authors I’d come to know online. I collected autographs. I participated in this “The Big Basket-of-Books Contest,” where I had to get every participating author’s signature. I wanted them anyway and I kept saying, “If I have to turn this card in to enter, forget it. I’d rather have the autographs.” A pretty cool keepsake. Glad I didn’t have to turn it, but just had to write down my name and phone number.

There’s a Nook in there! And a hawt coffee mug from Jessa Slade.

And guess what? We’re sitting in the bar later that evening and I get a text from the lovely Tes Hilaire, the organizer of The Big Basket-of-Books Contest. I won a Nook! I couldn’t freakin’ believe it! Just that morning I’d met the woman whom I was privileged to give a Kindle Fire to, and now it was my turn.

So yes, my lovelies, Karma definitely exists and she’s only a bitch when you are. Otherwise, she’s a very lovely lady.

I must send out HUGE thanks and shout-outs to the authors that went in on The Big Basket-of-Books Contest. THANK YOU, ladies, for your awesomeness! Readers, check out their books if you haven’t already.

Tess Hilaire (Special thanks for organizing the event!)
Ann Aguirre (Special thanks for her donation of the Nook!!! And she’s really awesome. And funny.)
Jessa Slade (Thank you for the lovely coffee cup!)
Shannon Delany (Who was fabulous to meet in person after chatting so much on FB!)
Leanna Renee Hieber
Kady Cross
Sophie Jordan
Vicky Dreiling
Shana Galen
Delilah Marvelle
Maire Clairmont
Tessa Dare
Vivian Arend
Zoe Archer
Angie Fox
Laurie London
Caridad Pineiro

What else happened at RT? Tons! I’ll share in pictures. We had so much fun, we’re definitely planning to make the trip to Kansas City next year. Hope to see you there!

Best Author Friends Forever finally meet! Brenda Pandos & me!

Had to share just for the background. 🙂
View from our table for the Scottish Fling night. Just had to share.
Ready for the Faery Ball – Jessica & Lisa from DEVOTION, ha!
Fan and writer Erica came to see me at the Expo!

ETA: Me, Mindy Fangedmom & Brenda right before the Expo.
Me with Mindy Fangedmom’s famous tote bag during the Expo.
Signing a Kindle Fire. No kidding! I was nervous. LOL
Flapper girls for Roaring 20s night
Publisher Chrissi, Me and Brenda ready to party our last night
My book haul from RT 2012 – doesn’t include the huge bag full of swag! Or the others I found in another bag.
Books signed by the author – yes, including Anne Rice! Again, I found a couple more in another bag.
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6 Responses to Karma (and Other Good Stuff From RT)

  1. Courtney says:

    Just finished devotion actually read your series in 2 weeks between kids and work super pumped to here you are working on 4

  2. WAIT A MINUTE! NO PICS OF US? I have some good ones of Me, you and Brenda! I am so sad now 🙁 I am happy you got my tote bag in there but GEESH! I was your FIRST Kindle signing and I snagged you in the hallway and about gave you a heart attack! I was your Thursday stalker! YOU were the only reason I went to Chicago my friend. I am SO HAPPY I got to meet you in person. I honestly feel that one of my TO DO BEFORE I DIE bucket list items!!!!! LOVE YOU KRISTIE!!!

    • Kristie Cook says:

      Well, crap, what happened to it??? I didn’t even realize that pic disappeared. 😛 I’ll get it up.

      I’m sooo glad you came and you didn’t give me a heart attack. 🙂 I was happy we got to chat a little before things got crazy, but was sad we didn’t get to have a drink together. That day/night was the busiest one for me.

      I hope we’ll get another chance! Love my Book Pimp!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness I just saw our picture from Thursday’s book signing!!! I was super excited to finally meet you. My husband Elliott has recently informed me that he was trying to setup a lunch or dinner for us to chat more while we were in Florida last week. Unfortuantely I know you’re super busy and our plans didn’t work out but no biggie. Maybe next time :). Kristie you are an amazing writer so keep it up and I’ll keep reading :). Truly an unforgetable experience and I’m honored to have had the priviledge to have met you.
    A big fan
    Erica Flores

    • Kristie Cook says:

      Thank you, Erica. It was great to meet you, too! Sorry things didn’t work out, but hopefully there will be another chance. Keep on writing! I know you’ll be at RT as an author one day, too. 🙂

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