Sorry for the down time! This is my blog about writing and I’ve been too busy writing (well, editing) to write about writing lately. And I haven’t had any major epiphanies to share, otherwise I would have found the time. But I did find the time to discover something awesome and thought I’d share.

I really want a wall like this in my writer’s studio. As if I have a studio… Sigh. Maybe one day. But wouldn’t this be awesome? Of course, it would be tempting me all the time to curl up and read instead of write. But I still want one. Check it out and tell me you don’t want one too.

Do you have a writer’s studio? Or at least an office? I have a bed-office (office in my bedroom) and I’m tired of it. I plan to take over oldest son’s room as soon he moves out in a couple weeks. Bwahahaha! Where do you write?