Giveaway! Giveaway! Woot-woot!!!

So here’s the scoop…I’d been promising a giveaway over on my Facebook page for a while now – back when I hit 400 followers. The whole relief auction thing delayed my ability to pull anything together and by the time I did, I was at 450! Wow. Seriously.

Then I realized there were 278 followers here and 861 on Twitter – close to some major milestones.

So we’re doing a mini-giveaway on FB that you can still get in on for some swag bags, so that I can keep my promise for that one. 🙂 Just answer the question about swag.

But I’ll also be doing a major giveaway soon.

I thought I’d make it a race of getting to 500 FB fans, 350 blog followers and 1,000 Twitter friends. FB already won the race, though! How did that happen??? I’m not quite sure but it was pretty cool to watch because it jumped from 450 to 514 in one day. Crazy.

So now we’re just waiting on Twitter and the blog to catch up. Then I will do something major. Bigger than I’ve done in a while. Multiple prizes. Multiple winners. Lots of fun.

If you’re excited and want it to start sooner rather than later, then please invite your friends to follow me. Here and at Twitter (@kristiecookauth). Of course, everyone’s welcome at the FB page, too. Thanks, lovelies! Your support is greatly appreciated.

Also, if you have Promise and/or Purpose – ebooks or paperbacks – and would like a signed bookmark or bookplate (sticker), send me a picture of you with your book(s) or of the cover page(s) on your ereader, along with your mailing address and which piece of swag you want. I’ll drop one in the mail for you. Send me pics of both and I’ll send you both pieces. Please note, though, that by participating in this, you’re giving me permission to post your picture here and on Facebook. You can send to kristie (at) kristiecook (dot) com.

Okay, back to writing. I’m finally kicking this novella’s arse!