Five reasons you must enter my new contests!

1. Two contests – one fun and one easy-peasy
2. THREE winners!!!
3. Prizes include books and swag and either a $25 B&N gift card, an iPod Shuffle or a Kindle 3 or Nook!
4. It’s the weekend, giving you lots of time to think about and do all those things with Tristan.
5. Because you love me…or Tristan…or Promise…and want to help a new author and fellow blogger out. 🙂 Even if it’s just because you feel bad for me and my crappy week (to which I must add that my oldest is 18 today, a horrible reminder that I am no longer 18!).

Yes, I’m begging. Please help me spread the word this weekend and throughout the month. I soooo want to give away an awesome prize like a K3! Kthnxluvyabai! And have a fantabulous weekend!