Just when I was starting to feel caught up for the New Year and actually felt productive yesterday, life happened again. Everything that should have been easy yesterday became quite the long, drawn-out process, throwing me way off schedule. And then…I get the call from my son that he’d been in an accident. If you’re a parent, you know how you dread “the call” since the first minute you hold them in your arms. This one was minor, thank God. And I thank God profusely that he and everyone else involved wasn’t injured. As much as yesterday and last night sucked as we started adding up the financial costs and other consequences, at least we weren’t spending our time in the ER.

So, anyway, my afternoon was blown to bits yesterday, which has put me behind again today. Which means, I don’t have a blog post written. Luckily, there is this really awesome event going on over at Facebook that I’m more than happy to pimp.

If you’re a blogger or an author or both, please go check it out (https://www.facebook.com/events/594334247307548/). And do it NOW! Although the official event isn’t until Feb. 10, there’s already all kinds of fun happening. This is a great way to discover new-to-you bloggers and authors and to make all kinds of new friends. On the actual date, there will be some amazing giveaways and more fun to be had.

Go join the event and be sure to “Like” and follow any blogs and authors that catch your eye. And have lots of fun!